Private: $60

Semi-Private (2 riders): $50

Group (3-5 riders): $40

Training: Create a custom training program for your horse

Rides scheduled as needed: $50/ride

One ride per week: $45/ride

Two rides per week: $40/ride

Three or more rides per week: $35/ride

Lunging (includes work in side reins): $25/lunge


Milestone’s Care Program: $75/month

*This program includes :

Supervision of turn out, blanketing when needed, light grooming, hooves picked daily, scheduling of vet and farrier, supervision and management of feeding program, access to general medications as needed, light vet care as needed

**Please note that anything your horse requires on a daily basis is NOT included in this care program: i.e. dietary supplements, grooming products, fly sprays, or any meds prescribed by a vet **

Showing: *Please also refer to the pro-rated services and show care sheet*

Hauling: $1.25/mile or $85 minimum

Pre-Show schooling: $50/day

Show-Day Training: $75/day

Care: $65/day

Show Rides: $10/class for boarders, $25/class non- boarders


If you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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